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RestoPros started in 2018 with an idea that we wanted to help people get back to normal when unforeseen circumstances arise.

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About Us

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RestoPros was conceptualized in 2018 to provide exceptional and immediate service to homeowners and businessowners alike experiencing the sudden, unexpected, and often traumatic consequences of water damage to their property. Our core values of respect, family, fairness, and excellent customer service soon branched our company into the fields of fire damage, mold remediation, smoke remediation, and storm damage.

Within a few short years we have proudly expanded our business nationwide by utilizing the same values, responsiveness and customer service excellence provided to our clients from day one. We now offer franchising opportunities to families just like us that want to be there for families just like you in a time of need.

If you are experiencing a mitigation crisis, we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you and your family are in an environment that is safe and secure. RestoPros, there every step of the way!

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RestoPros of East Denver

Is on call 24 hours everyday to respond to emergency Water and Fire damage for restoration for Residential and Commercial properties.

Jon Sorensen
Jon Sorensen General Manager

With a career spanning over three decades in the restoration industry, Jon R. Sorensen, Jr. stands as a beacon of excellence and expertise. His journey began with a profound passion for rebuilding and restoring spaces, eventually leading him to become a trusted name in the field.

Jon’s commitment to his craft is exemplified by his pursuit of knowledge and excellence. He holds an MBA, a testament to his dedication to professional growth and development. His expertise extends to multiple areas, including fire and water damage mitigation, trauma scene cleanup, and mold remediation, where he is IICRC certified. These certifications underscore his proficiency and mastery in the restoration arts.

Throughout his career, Jon has encountered and overcome numerous challenges, earning him a reputation for his problem-solving skills and innovative approaches. His ability to navigate complex restoration projects with ease and efficiency has made him a sought-after expert in his field.

Beyond his technical skills, Jon is known for his professionalism and dedication to his clients. His priority is not just to restore properties but also to provide comfort and peace of mind to those affected by disasters. His empathetic approach and personalized service have earned him the trust and loyalty of his clients.

In every project he undertakes, Jon’s goal is simple yet profound: to restore not just properties but also hope and happiness. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his passion for his work continue to drive him to new heights in the restoration industry.

Greg Hanebuth
Greg Hanebuth Business Development Manager

Greg, accompanied by his loyal companion Charlie, hails from Northern Minnesota and has a rich history of relocating across various states, including California, Oregon, Arizona, and Alaska before settling in Colorado in 2009.

His professional journey is marked by diverse roles, including General Contracting, serving as a Senior Staff Adjuster specializing in Large Loss with Allstate Insurance, owning an Allstate Agency, handling Commercial property claims at Travelers Insurance Group, and successfully operating a General Contracting/Exterior Restoration Service.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Greg is deeply involved in several passions:
– Holding a season ticket for CO Avalanche Hockey
– Coaching youth athletics
– Pursuing activities such as fishing, ethical hunting, and golf
– Enjoying live music and bowling
– Supporting local musicians/artists
– Utilizing positive reinforcement techniques in dog training.

These experiences and interests collectively showcase Greg’s multifaceted background and dedication both in and outside of his professional realm.


Our Mission

When you’re in the middle of a fire or water event, all you want is for things to return to normal — and for “normal” to happen as soon as possible! RestoPros professionals come right alongside you, guiding you through the process and working with you to get your home or office back in working order. Not only will your RestoPros team provide you with the services you need, they’ll also answer your questions; discuss procedures with you; and if need be, act as your advocate when it comes to processing your insurance claim. Emergencies and accidents happen. RestoPros prides itself on being part of your solution — using their experience and expertise to return your home or office to pre-loss condition in the fastest, safest and most economical way possible. Period. We Are RestoPros!