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Water Damage Tips – What To Do Before Help Arrives

Safety should always be a top priority after water damage to your home or business.

You have to act quickly!

The first tip about water damage is to remember that time is running out after a flood.

It is important to note that the longer the water stays, soaking the components and contents of your home, the greater the severity of the damage. If there are no safety concerns, you need to remove any submerged content that you can safely move around. Remember that wet materials can be extremely heavy. Be careful!

Ventilate and dry affected areas to prevent mold growth. Mold loves moisture and materials like paper or plasterboard. You should try to assess damage to your property and materials.

Assess the type of water absorbed by the objects, is it rainwater, water from burst pipes, polluted river water or bacterial sewage? Pay attention to pockets of saturated materials, because hidden saturation pockets must be opened for cleaning and drying.

More tips on water damage.

  1. Remove excess water by wiping and drying.
  2. After removing lamps and table elements, clean wooden furniture from excess water.
  3. Remove and support wet upholstery and upholstery.
  4. Place aluminum foil or wooden blocks between the furniture legs and the wet carpet.
  5. If the water damage is not from sewage, turn on the air conditioning for maximum drying in summer.
  6. Remove colored carpets from wet carpets.
  7. Move works of art to a dry and safe place.
  8. Collect loose items from the ground.

Make sure you contact RestoPros immediately so that a water restorer can be dispatched to your home or business immediately. We work directly with your insurance company and have the tools to safely and properly help you prevent further damage to your home or business.