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What Is A Pack Out And When Do I Need One?

What Is A Content Pack Out And When do I Need One?


If you have been impacted by fire, water damage or mold in your home or business then  you will want to do a pack out of your contents before starting to restore the damaged area. What is a pack out and why is it important to do a pack out?

First, let’s talk about what a pack out is and why it is important: A pack out is the packing up of all your personal contents in the areas by the damage in your home or business, such as artwork, electronics, furniture, and so on. For insurance purposes it is extremely important to have a prioritized list of what exists, what is salvageable and what is not salvageable as, not everything may be salvageable.  The contents of your pack out can be stored onsite in another location in your home or business, onsite in a “Pod”, though only if humidity, heat or cold will not affect the contents, or offsite in a climate-controlled storage location.

We recommend keeping all valuable items on your person, such as jewelry, passports/important documents and guns to name a few.

A pack out is important because it ensures no further damage to your property while the restoration process is being done, and provides for detailed itemized list of items.

Having technicians that know what they are doing will make the pack out a smooth and stress-free process. Certified Technicians will take proper care of the contents being packed out, while also assisting with the put back process. Certified Technicians will carefully sort items into two categories: Salvageable and Unsalvageable.

Keep in mind that most Insurance companies will cover the cost of a pack out as well as the cost of offsite storage. Make sure to talk to your adjuster to confirm whether or not your policy provides such coverage.

So when is pack out needed? Anytime you have personal contents that are located in an area affected by Fire, Smoke, Water Damage or Mold.